Website Tutorial

by Tyler Tork, the website developer.

This is the table of contents for a series of pages that describe how this website was put together. It’s intended as a tutorial that (I hope) will let even the technically challenged set up and maintain a nice website for themselves or for a group, including any number of static pages and a blog.

  1. Introduction, rationale, philosophical considerations.
  2. Register a domain name.
  3. Obtain hosting service.
  4. Set up email accounts.
  5. Install WordPress on your site.
  6. Should you enable Jetpack and connect to
  7. Set your website title and a few other adjustments.
  8. You now have a website. Celebrate! Write a blog entry!
  9. Create static pages (Home, Contact, etc) and navigation.
  10. Create a menu to let people navigate your site.
  11. Block spam.
  12. Select a theme to change the overall look of your site.
  13. Add customized header and background images.
  14. Add features using free plugins, for contact forms, share buttons, and much more.
  15. Get rid of the “Proudly powered by WordPress” footer.

There are a lot of screen shots in here, which you may find too small to read. Click to enlarge them.

— More pages I have yet to write —

  • Back up your site.
  • You’ve got updates!
  • Adjust site layout.
  • Create links.
  • Customize your sidebars.
  • Create a favicon.
  • Set up statistics tracking.
  • Advanced appearance control using Weaver II theme.
  • Search Engine Optimization.

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