The Apostropocalypse — Is this the best made up word ever?

An unhappy apostrophe.Apostropocalypse.  It is even fun to say out loud.

This just might be the best made up word in an SF novel, ever.  Neal  Stephenson in Reamde used the word, “Apostropocalypse” to describe a dreaded event that caused the collapse of apostrophes throughout a fantasy game world, forever altering that world’s typography.  Given how annoyed I get with fantasy names over-laden with apostrophes, I fully support the concept of an apostropocalypse.  It should happen more often, frankly.

Still, I recognize that some of you might have your own candidates for best invented word in an imaginative work.  Come forth, fellow logophiles!  Share your favorites here, and we’ll discuss them.



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Hilary Moon Murphy's fictional life currently takes place in 1836, within the boundaries of Washington, D.C.. Before that, she has fictionally lived in an ancient China that never was, Mahatma Gandhi's India, and a magical San Francisco. She is a firm believer in Sacred Cows, especially those that are really elephants.


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