Leap Day

It’s February 29th, a day that comes once every four years.*

Leap day has some outdated folk traditions associated with it, mostly involving upsetting what was once the status quo. Examples of these traditions include women wearing pants, or proposing marriage. Since this is hardly radical these days, I think it’s time for a new Leap Day tradition.

Fellow writers, I propose that today is a great day to work on something outside your personal comfort zone. Look over your past work and see patterns and trends. What haven’t you done? Got any weaknesses as a writer?

Kill off a favorite character. Write that spicy sex scene. Use an unusual viewpoint or setting. Experiment! Try writing something that scares you because it touches on deep seated emotions. Then report back here. Did you learn anything?

*Except for years divisible by 100 unless those years are divisible by 400… None of which matters since it is unlikely that most of the people reading this will care when the year 2100 rolls around. But hey, we’re SF writers. Maybe there will be a new longevity serum or whatever, and you’ll want to know that there will be no leap day in 2100.

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Hilary Moon Murphy's fictional life currently takes place in 1836, within the boundaries of Washington, D.C.. Before that, she has fictionally lived in an ancient China that never was, Mahatma Gandhi's India, and a magical San Francisco. She is a firm believer in Sacred Cows, especially those that are really elephants.


Leap Day — 4 Comments

  1. Darn — you used the “S” word. Now I have to write that steamy chapter I’ve been putting off. Maybe next meeting (after this weekend) I’ll submit it, even though that would be out of order. As another multiple POV chapter, it would make an interesting contrast to the one I submitted for Sunday.

    • I am looking forward to that steamy scene! If you write it with the same level of sensual detail that you use for writing combat and beer, it should be a lovely thing.

      • Combat, beer, and sex. Sounds like a formula for a Conan sequel. Or a typical Friday night at a frat house.