Humans who really fly, and why time seems to stand still when you’re scared s***less.

This specatacular video, courtesy of, shows what Luke Hively sees as he executes a BASE jump, skimming along a rock cliff-face and through a misty waterfall.  Hively, veteran of thousands of skydives and over 150 BASE jumps, discusses what he sees and experiences.  Neuroscientist Chess Stetson talks about why we feel that time slows down when we are under stress and offers an explanation for the effect (and why time isn’t really slowing down).

If one of your characters pulls on, forgive me, a flying squirrel suit like Luke is wearing and makes good their escape from the Bad Guys, you’d best have set up that skill long before you needed it.  It’s like whipping out that magic wand at the precise moment you need it–quite unbelievable when it hasn’t been seen before.  But if your readers can see it coming, you could have lots of fun planning the route, anticipating the rush, maybe guiding your neophyte partner…

About Patrick Sullivan

Pat Sullivan is an electrical engineer by training, corrupted into an Information Assurance architect--He recently let slip the secret motto of all IA people: "We're not happy 'til you're not happy." He likes to read science fiction and espionage thrillers, has a few patents, and is trying hard to breath life into a science fiction novel.

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