About Jess

Jess Harris started writing fiction at a very early age. As editor of his High School paper, his motto was “All the news that might have happened if life in this town was just a bit more interesting.” Any reporting of actual events was produced by others. A Bachelor’s Degree in Music and Theater opened the gateway to a variety of exciting jobs, imparting invaluable skills such as basic home repair and car deal negotiations. He also became privy to more knowledge than any human should be allowed about where turkeys come from. While none of these noble professions turned into a career, they provided a lifetime’s worth of scenes, situations and characters. Several reputable publishers have demonstrated temporary lapses of judgment and published his stories, including Toad’s Corner, Sniplits.com, Short Story America, and Fiction 365. We sincerely hope you won’t hold it against them, and visit their sites anyway.

A.T. Mahan, the So-So Sailor who Rocked the Whole World’s Boat

Here is the promised article on the alternative theory to Julian Corbett. It is not an EXSUM of the book, but a quick overview with some notes for writers. You can find an EXSUM on my personal website, address at … Continue reading

Sir Julian Corbett, Renegade Theorist

In 1911, Sir Julian Corbett (1854-1922) published Some Principles of Maritime Strategy. Principles established a broad theory of war and maritime strategy that conflicted sharply with the prevailing naval doctrines of his day. Corbett’s father was a successful architect and … Continue reading

Blinded by Bias

Modern battlefield communications are often coded through a process called “Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum” (FHSS.) In short, a transmission is spread over a wide number of frequencies at extremely short intervals, so if you are listening to any one frequency, all … Continue reading