An Important Website about Cow Abductions

Stop Cow Abductions

Stop Cow Abductions

The website is performing an important public service of tracking mysterious cattle abductions, reporting on countermeasures (such as concrete decoys, and putting toupees on your cows to disguise them), with many “missing cow” posters and photos, and an interactive demo of how an abduction takes place (in the header image).

It’s good to see that someone is finally taking this frightening and heartbreaking phenomenon seriously.


An Important Website about Cow Abductions — 3 Comments

  1. Tyler, few people realize how widespread this problem truly is. Consider this video back from 1983 in Asia:

    • I suggest you consult some experienced cattle farmers in your area. They probably have already considered this problem and have measures in place, and they can also help you with your terminology (e.g. herd vs. flock).