23 Mobile Things — Thing 1

This is a somewhat different post for me, as it is not about writing or ebooks or the world of historical research.  My library is doing a project called 23 Mobile Things, which is a self-paced learning program involving apps and mobile devices.  As part of this project, I am supposed to blog about each of the things / apps that I explore during this project, and reflect on how I can use this as part of my work in the library.  Because this blog is shared by my writers group, I am also going to post about things that I learn along the way that might be good for writers to know.

Since this program is supposed to be 23 mobile things, I will talk for a moment about me and my current mobile devices.

My iPad

I have completely ditched my laptop and now do almost everything on an iPad 2 with keyboard.  I love my iPad, and find it a great all purpose device for computing, content creation, research and time-wasting.  I use it not only for writing my novel, but also for my library work.  I use the library’s iPad as a mobile catalog, and to demonstrate databases and ebooks to patrons.  In meetings, I take notes with it.  I also use it extensively for library storytimes as a digital felt board, music source, and early literacy tool.

My current favorite apps for library storytime are:

      • Fingerpaint with Sounds — I use it to write the letter of the day, and it makes R2D2 noises while doing so!
      • Felt Board — Finally, a way to instantly create new felt board stories without all that tiresome drawing, cutting and glueing!  I love old fashioned felt board stories, but all the ones that I use are inherited.  I’m just not crafty enough to create my own.  I’ve found this app to be a god send, allowing me to create tons of felt board characters and storylines without ever having to pick up a pair of scissors.  The kids love participating in the creation of felt board characters as well, making suggestions about changes of hair style, outfits, etc.
      • Endless Alphabet — I use this one for the “bonus” vocabulary word of the day.  The kids love it because we wind up spelling the word right there in storytime, with each of the letters sounding out their own sound as they move in place.  It’s very silly and very cute.
      • Animal Sounds: A Fun Toddler Game — What can be better than to play an animal sound, and then have the kids guess what animal it is?  I then “turn” the ipad around and show them the picture of the animal.  They love guessing, and its a great way to get sounds of more unusual animals like donkeys.

Since this is a writing blog, my single most used writing app is google drive.  I have yet to find a good offline editing app that I really like.   If anyone has suggestions, I’ll happily consider them.

My eReader

I have a kindle paperwhite.  I take it everywhere with me.  I read on it constantly.  It is my single most adored device.  Check out this post for more on how I use my eReader.

My Phone

I have an android smart phone, but I will admit that I do not love it.  I use it to make calls and do GPS directions, and that is about it.   How can someone as tech oriented as I am be so lame when it comes to smart phones?   Honestly, if I get anything out of this project, I’d like to develop a slightly better relationship with my poor, sad, lonely little smart phone.


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23 Mobile Things — Thing 1 — 1 Comment

  1. Nice intro post. We like knowing about participants’ experience with tech. I am impressed that you have transitioned to the iPad–I still use my laptop for most content creation–& I have an iPad keyboard.

    Keep on with the Things and let us know how you continue to learn. And try the phone apps; you might find a few that are useful for you!